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5 Critical Hours for our Rhinos and our Springboks

The crowds go wild at the North Harbour Stadium in Auckland.  It’s 5pm in the afternoon, New Zealand time, and the anticipation is mounting.  The mighty Namibian and South African teams stride their way out onto the turf and a deathly hush settles over stadium.  The spectators look again, they can’t believe what they’re seeing!  There’s no green, gold or blue on the field but all the players are wearing red and black!  Imagine that, South Africa and Namibia, standing together at a world class event to say NO to rhino poaching.

We still have time to turn this into a reality, that’s the beautiful power of social media.  Consider the fact that there will not be a highway built across the Serengeti – thanks to social media, the power is yours, act now!

Today is World Rhino Day and we will all be standing together to end the demand for rhino horn.  These precious animals were brought to the edge of extinction not very long ago and over the past two decades have been nurtured and protected to regain their strength in numbers.  Unfortunately a new wave has hit our shores and the demand for rhino horn has increased significantly.  These poor innocent beasts are having their faces hacked off so that we can satisfy this market, it’s time we stood against the organisations who are demanding the horn and make a noise about it so that we can protect our future with healthy rhino’s in the wild.

Enjoy the game today, may the Springboks fly to victory! While you’re watching, plan one thing that you can do for our rhinos, and then follow through with it.  Talk about it, tweet about it or follow it on facebook.  Update your profile pictures with the lovely leathery beast with the really sad eyes.

The official web page to find out where you can go to join in with activities to end rhino poaching and show your support in your area will be updated regularly throughout the day, have a look here to see where and how you can get involved:  There is excellent information on everything you need to know about our efforts to save the rhino!

View our website for more information:

Contact us on

Call us on +27 (21) 426 5445

A white rhino at Hlane in Swaziland, Big Game Parks

Glen from Big Game Parks in Swaziland eyeballing a rhino at Hlane

Photographing white rhino's as they bask in the sun after a lovely mud bath

Photographing white rhino's as they bask in the sun after a lovely mud bath


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